Balkan Sunflowers Kosova

Balkan Sunflowers Kosova (BSFK) promotes the ideals of a caring and open society by working for inclusiveness, protection of human rights and promotion of voluntarism as a tool for social reconstruction. It works predominantly with Kosovo’s most vulnerable communities such as Roma, Ashkali and Egyptians. BSFK currently counts more than 100 staff including administrative, program, and volunteers.

Balkan Sunflowers Kosova seeks to mobilize Kosovo’s non-majority communities in securing for themselves full human rights, including the right to education and integration in Kosovo society.

Every child deserves equal access to education. BSFK aims to provide extremely disadvantaged children with educational support including a caring community with innovative teaching methods and necessary materials.

Child-centered: We are inspired by experience which shows that all children want to learn. If the learning environment is welcoming then the children will be less likely to resist and our welcoming learning centers and well-facilitated learning experiences will be a significant first step for children to move on to or return to formal state-run education. By opening learning experiences to all children, the Learning Centers seek to provide children with the educational support which allows them to develop to their full potential. The Kosovo education system still suffers from problems of the past but our centers encourage a more child-centered environment which is also at the heart of the methodology to be employed in the Literacy and Science Clubs. This means that children are encouraged to speak, to ask and answer questions and to express themselves being co-constructers of their knowledge and meaning.

Community-based: At all times community engagement and participation is central to our work. Balkan Sunflowers Kosova’s staffs, as well as the volunteers, are active members of the communities in which they work. The different characteristics and traditions of the families and communities of the children must be taken into consideration in order to foster the children’s learning process. The program’s sensitivity and responsiveness to families is shown through valuing and involving parents and families participation in the process of planning and assessing the activities.

Volunteer-supported: In addition to full-time staff, Balkan Sunflowers Kosova has volunteer staff members. Their contribution of work demonstrates their commitment to the cause and is critical to our success.

Inclusive: Our projects promote inter-ethnic dialogue and activities, mainly through cooperation with schools, and we encourage relationship-building between people of all ethnicities in our program areas.

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Moving Forward – First meeting of the Leading Council of Kosovo RAE Early Years Network

June 28, 2014June 28, 2014
The final review of the networks’ documentation was made and the members agreed about the final changes. The chairmen and secretary of the network were selected, Kosova Education Center will be the chairmen and Balkan Sunflowers Kosova will be the secretary of the network for the period of one year. The training materials and timeframe for their implementation were also discussed and will be defined in the near period. The aim of the K-RAEYN is to establish a network of ECD professionals and para-professionals from RAE communities in Kosovo, and those who work with RAE communities in Kosovo. It is based on the concept of Romani Early Years Network (REYN) which was launched at a special event, during the international ECD conference, organized jointly by the International Step by Step Association (ISSA) in October 2012. The member organizations of the leading council of the K-RAE-EYN who also took part in the meeting are the following: Iniciativa 6, Balkan Sunflowers Kosova, Save the Children, Bethany Christian Services, and Kosova Education Center. The next meeting of the Leading Council will be held during May 2014. Previously, Kosovo Education Center organized two meetings with K-RAE-EYN members, one in December 2013 and one in April 2014, where the idea and plans of the network was discussed and the members were registered.

Ecim përpara – Takimi i parë i Këshillit Udhëheqës të Rrjetit

June 28, 2014
Takimi i parë i Këshillit Udhëheqës të RrjetitK-RAE –EYN Gjatë takimit u bë shqyrtimi i dokumentacionit të rrjetit dhe anëtarët u pajtuan për ndryshimet përfundimtare. U zgjodhën kryesuesi dhe sekretari i rrjetit. Qendra për Arsim e Kosovës u zgjodh kryesuese kurse Balkan Sunflowers Kosova u zgjodh sekretare , te dyja organizatat do të jenë në këto funksione për periudhën një vjeçare. Në takim u diskutua lidhur me materialet për trajnim dhe periudhën kohore për implementimin e tyre, kjo do të definohet në një periudhë të afërme. Qëllimi i rrjetit K-RAEYN është themelimi i një rrjeti profesionistësh dhe para- profesionistësh për Zhvillimin në Fëmijërinë e Hershme nga komunitetet RAE në Kosovë dhe të atyre që punojnë me komunitetet RAE në Kosovë . Ky rrjet bazohet në konceptin e rrjetit Romani Early Years Network (REYN) i cili u lansua në një organizim të veçantë , gjatë konferencës ndërkombëtare të organizuar nga Asociacioni Ndërkombëtar Hap pas Hapi (ISSA) në tetor të vitit 2012. Organizatat anëtare të këshillit udhëheqës të rrjetit K-RAE-EYN të cilat gjithashtu morën pjesë në takim janë: Iniciativa 6, Ballkan Sunflowers Kosova, Save the Children, Bethany Christian Services, dhe Qendra për Arsim e Kosovës. Takimi i ardhshëm i Këshillit Udhëheqës do të mbahet gjate muajit maj,2014. Qendra per Arsim e Kosovës, paraprakisht kishte organizuar dy takime me anëtarët e K-RAE-EYN, një në dhjetor 2013 dhe një në prill 2014, ku u shqyrtuan idetë dhe planet lidhur me rrjetin dhe u regjistruan anëtarët.